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You no longer need to leave the house to get a feel for nature.  Esko, the classy collection with its original design and soft contours, lets you rediscover the fun and freedom of Hi-Tech materials.






The Sabi Collection by IMPRONTO ITALGRANDI draws its inspiration from Japanese landscape art, and especially from wood, for a look that's balanced and minimal, with delicate colours and a fine, misty appearance.  water, stone and trees, artfully set by nature, or traced upon ceramic tiles blended into magical scenes, evoking and enchanted atmosphere, making every view a delightful surprise




It was initially used for decorating musical instruments, small objects and to enhance the interior of cars. Later, in the 1930's, it was also widely used in the manufacture and decoration of fine furniture. Today, it is the new "must" for all the leading interior designers.

Along the bends of the rivers of Cameroon and the unspoilt, impenetrable forest of Congo and Gabon, a plant grows whose wood is becoming valuable and highly sought after because of its continuous stripes, slightly wavy with amber tones, which identify it and from which it takes its name of Zebrawood or ZEBRANO.







Indian Slate




Le Stuoie



My Skin



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